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2018 International Nanny Training Day

International Nanny Training Day SARATOGA, held on April 21, 2018, was a Day of Learning and Empowerment for the Nannies that joined us! Thank you Nannypalooza, Homework Solutions and Nanny Care Hub for Sponsoring this AWESOME EVENT! 

Join Us Saturday April 13, 2019 for INNTD SARATOGA! Registration will open January 2019! Connect with us on Facebook for Reminders!

To Each and Every Nanny that connected with Saratoga Nannies, Be The Change You Want To See In The World!

Thank you to All The Individuals that donated your Time and Resources to Help!
$250 in Prizes were Awarded including Nanny Care Hub's A to Z Contract, INA Membership, Nanny Coaching Team Training Videos, and Gift Certificates to Local Saratoga Businesses!

Shelly Sweet, Printing, support, set up and overseeing on site needs.

Abbie Parrish, Registration assistance and clean up.

Janette Collins, Keynote Speaker

Carol Schilling Dores, Positive Discipline 
Lara Hocheiser, Yoga For Social Emotional Learning
Kristi Mayle, Baked Goods for Breakfast
Our Designer Carissa Wages, for giving us such an Awesome, Inspirational platform and marketing materials to launch from! 

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