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Join our Nanny Networking & Support Group: 

Saratoga Nannies Support Group Guidelines


UPDATED: June 22, 2020


*Saratoga Nannies Support Group is open ONLY to NANNIES at this time.

*You MUST answer the membership questions to join. Requests without answers will be deleted.  If you are a member of "Nanny Care Tribe" you will be given the option to not answer the questions and automatic acceptance to the group.


*Saratoga Nannies maintains a strong focus on continued educational efforts to "onboard" our communities to Reflective, Appropriate Area Wage Averages and Industry Standards. 


**WE ENCOURAGE FAMILIES seeking to employ a Nanny to connect with us to help facilitate your journey. Email Saratoga Nannies at


*DO NOT POST FULL TIME, PART TIME OR OCCASIONAL TEMPORARY POSITIONS WANTED OR JOB OPENINGS.* ADMINS may list positions after the family has been "on-boarded" to standards , informed that we do not background check our members and they should do their own due diligence in the hiring process and the position is in line with National Industry standards and the correct area reflective wage averages.

*Saratoga Nannies DOES ENCOURAGE off group networking! PLEASE connect with the Local Nannies in your Communities!


*Your SOCIAL MEDIA profiles must show you're a NANNY, have no affiliation to an Agency as an employee, family member or representative and reflect a Professional, Positive Public Image. All Facebook Profiles must be active for a minimum of 6 months. 


*If you are an individual seeking to enter the industry, we want to support & guide you as well! Please email Saratoga Nannies at 

*This is a positive minded, respectful community.


*This is a platform to ask for SUPPORT! Feel free to discuss your position problems and post debatable topics. Some topics may inspire passionate opinions. Be prepared to receive a wide variety of responses. Focus on the positives and solutions. If you are seeking only positive responses be sure to state that in your post.

* Share posts in a respectful, thoughtful manner. Remember the Golden Rule "Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you." Do not judge others for their child care approaches but feel free to share your knowledge of new and widely used approaches.

*It is an Industry Standard to protect the privacy and confidentiality of our employers. Do not post pictures of your employer's home, Monday morning messes or screenshots from conversations with your employer.

* Photos of your Nanny children are permitted only if you have prior permission to do so in social media formats. It will be assumed if you post a photo that you have been granted approval. No photos showing children in a negative manner such as Behavior correction will be allowed.

*This is a closed group. The public can see the group and who’s in it but only members can see posts. Your posts are not seen by facebook friends unless they are members of the group. Although a closed platform, use your best judgement before sharing sensitive information that may put your position in jeopardy. Post anonymously by messaging an admin or moderator.

*Admins & moderators retain the right to remove any member, thread or comment for any reason. In this unlikely event, you will NOT be notified.

*Any member that blocks an Admin or moderator will be deemed not in support of building a positive community amongst our local nannies and will be removed from the support group without prior notification.

*Please refrain from copying and pasting any post or comment from Saratoga Nannies support group to any external group or site without permission from the author. Please share links.

* Saratoga nannies support group is a great platform to begin building community among our local nannies. Feel free to share invites, Meet-ups and playdate opportunities.

* Please keep off topic, non-related nanny posts to a minimum. 

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